Worm Castings

While no one truly knows what the absolute best organic fertilizer is, if worm castings aren't it, they are always very close to the top of the list. Castings are a truly remarkable soil amendment and should be a part of every gardener's fertilizer and soil improvement program.

Pure worm castings contain not only nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, they also contain trace elements, micro-nutrients, natural enzymes, natural growth enhancers and beneficial bacteria. They improve soil structure helping both water retention and drainage, improved aeration, and help to balance soil ph.

Numerous studies have shown the many benefits and attributes to worm castings, including improved flower size and quality, as well as improved fruit and vegetable yields. GG always incorporates worm castings into potting soils and outdoor gardens. Plants simply look healthier, more robust, and grow stronger and ultimately larger which is what we all want. A strong healthy plant is also much more capable of fighting off diseases and insects.

Worm Casting Quality

Worm castings are for sale all over the internet and there is a very big difference in quality between them.

Many products claim organic but only a few can prove it. What needs to be listed is the certified OMRI fertilizer label. This label indicates that the producer goes through painstaking measures and quality controls to insure a top quality product. GG only sells OMRI certified pure black castings.